Viewing my site without Javascript

What works, what doesn't?

Hi there. You're currently viewing my website with Javascript turned off. Honestly, you probably already knew that. That said, I just wanted to let you know that you might notice that some parts of my site don't work completely because of this.

I made this page to serve as a reference, so you can know what you're missing out on and make an educated decision on whether to enable Javascript. Here's a list of features you can expect to miss with Javascript turned off:

  • My site uses Vue (with the Gridsome library) to do functions such as link prefetching and image lazy loading. (Full technical writeup on the blog TBA.)
  • The homepage which has the central "hero statement" uses the vue-typer component to display a varying list of interests instead of just the one interest you saw when you loaded the homepage.
  • I provide links to "Get in touch" which display my email address if you need to contact me. Due to the fact that said page opens in a modal, (as part of my spam prevention method,) you won't be able to get my email address to contact me.
  • Some of my blog posts are interactive, and might use additional Vue components.

This intends to be a semi-comprehensive list. If you notice anything missing here, please let me know (through email, Twitter, or another method of communication.)