About my work

I'm an entrepreneur and a software engineer.

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Hi there, it's nice to meet you! My name is Sam Weaver, I hope you like my website! This page explains what I do professionally, and the clients I've worked with.

I describe myself as both an entrepreneur and a software engineer, because both are a part of my work. Whether I'm working on one of my own ideas or someone else's, I apply principles of entrepreneurship in my decision making process and my product design.

My professional focus areas:


Productivity tools help organize work and responsibilities. I like working on these tools because I find that they can reduce stress and anxiety in myself and others.


I fundamentally believe that we need better tools to help build meaningful communities. This focus area includes things like social media and communication tools. I started VC³ to help stimulate discussion in this problem area.


Personalizing education is one of the greatest challenges humanity currently faces, but its potential payoff is huge. Education doesn't just affect how humans reason through complex problems but can teach us about how to live a healthy and happy life.

One thing that ties these areas together is that all of my focus areas can be considered force multipliers. If you make an improvement in one of these areas, it can boost performance in a different area. This is most obvious in productivity—product management tools have enabled software teams to develop software in weeks instead of months, and communication and collaboration tools have enabled product teams to be entirely remote, which was unthinkable a few decades ago.

When I work on software teams, I take a lot of joy building tools that help people do their jobs better. I've routinely worked with clients and internal stakeholders not only to implement the changes they request, but to help them build and design tools that they might not have thought of before, which have often saved hours of work.

Clients I've worked with: